You will be ok too….

When your heart is broken in a million pieces, you can’t breathe and can barely stand, know that you will be ok. I know it seems impossible some days, especially in the beginning but with a little work, you will find your way.

I’ve always been a science girl and have always needed proof  so I can wrap my head around a concept. Three weeks after my daughter Katie died in a car accident, I saw the living proof that being ok is possible.

After much consideration and uncertainty, I went to my first mom’s group just days before Christmas. I had been invited into this group because I had lost a child. What a club to belong to I thought, but I went anyway. Looking back now, I have no idea how I was able to go to this group so early on in my journey. But I made up my mind that I was going to go, even if I only lasted a minute. Well, I went and stayed for four hours. I had found my people. These moms got me, they got my hurt, they got my words and they got my tears.

I’ll never forget being with these incredible women and realizing that they were not only coping, but for the most part they were doing ok. They  went to work, even if they had changed careers, they had families, they were standing and breathing and living. They were OK.

That moment was such a gift for me. I realized that I, too, would be OK.  I would learn to carry my grief, slowly move forward and figure out my new normal. These moms gave me hope and inspiration.

Our grief will always be the same. It never goes away. But life has a way of growing around our grief, allowing us to find peace and be OK.

Open you heart to the possibility. You will be OK too.

Sending love and light,

XO Lisa

PS: Click on this link to download 7 ways to begin healing (even if you’re not ready)

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