What if…

What if we started of thinking of self-care as necessary, instead of optional? What if we did it without thinking like having a shower, eating or brushing our teeth? What if we started thinking of self-care as health care?

Today, I pulled a full-stop on my life. I hit the pause button. I could feel myself slipping. After a full night’s sleep I was waking up exhausted and was feeling horrible – achy and mentally disconnected. I booked a day off of work to work on me.

I only put three things on my agenda: a breakfast date with my son, a nap and a walk. As I sit down to write this blog, I can tell you that I checked all three items off my self-care list and I am feeling a bit better. I also realized I have been going 100 miles an hour hoping to distract myself from my grief and my mental and physical health can’t do that anymore.

I put my computer and projects away for the day, I ignored all the should-do’s and I focused on simply BEING today. I have started ignoring my self-care in the name of deadlines and society’s expectations. I vowed after we lost Katie that I would not get caught up in the rat-race again. Yet, almost three years out, here I am doing it again.

That’s why I pulled a full-stop today. It was a day to reflect on my mental health, slow down and be more self-aware. We need to think of self-care as health-care and be self-aware every day so that we don’t hit the wall, like I did. Put the breaks on your life. Other than a few necessary tasks, the rest can usually wait. You are important, too.

Do you take time out every day to take care of yourself? What to you do for your physical care? How about your mental health? Your spiritual well being? They are all interconnected.

What if we all slowed down? What if we took time to truly connect with the special people in our lives? What if….you put yourself first for a change?



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