What are YOU Waiting for??


Are you living the life you always dreamed?  If you are – wow! Good for you!! If not, you are not alone.

So often we wait for the perfect time to do everything.  We wait until the perfect time to get married, the perfect time to have kids.  We wait until the kids are more grown up until we take the plunge at work.  We wait for the perfect time to start an exercise program….Guess what?  There is no perfect time.  We are so intent on living this perfect life that we aren’t living at all.

Does this sound familiar?  

Sadly it takes a big shake up to get your attention, sometimes.  We lost our 17 year old daughter in a car accident last December.  There are days I don’t know what end is up and days when I don’t know what I want from this life anymore.  A year has passed and I still feel like I’m living in a fog.  Some days it feels like living my life is like a jail sentence, that I am just doing time; waiting to see my daughter Katie again.

The other day I met a friend for a drink and a catch-up.  It had been a while since we last saw each other but it didn’t take long until our conversation drifted to the future and our dreams.  We each cautiously said what we would love to do.  I say cautiously because in our practical worlds, our dreams seem to take a back seat to what we “should” be accomplishing – society’s expectations of us.

Interestingly enough, we both said we had  big dreams to travel.  I said Italy/Germany, he said Scotland.  Yes, it takes some money and time to get there, but really?  What the heck are we waiting for??  I know first hand that the future is not guaranteed.  And none of us are getting younger, are we?

I thought if I have to live my life, why not make the most it?  My daughter was a spitfire and lived life to the fullest and she would want me to do the same.  So look out world, here I come!

We both knew what we wanted – what our number one thing was.  If you don’t, start by making a bucket list – today.  Write everything down, no  matter how extravagant or silly. Just start brainstorming.  Start putting stars beside the items that excite you the most. Make a short list and then pick your number one MUST DO.

For me, travelling to Europe is going to be a bit pricey – there’s LOTS I need to do and see! So, I started to make a timeline and budget and then worked backwards from there.  How long would it take me to get organized and have the funding to do this trip the way I wanted?

Life is far to short to wait on the sidelines for everything to be perfect.  Sometimes you have to just jump in the game and run with the ball.  Go do the things that feed your soul.

Think you can’t afford something extravagant like a trip?  Start by cutting out the $5 lattes or the dinners out or all the expensive clothes shopping.  Make LIVING a priority!

What are YOU waiting for?

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