The Shower Decision


The what??? It’s been called many names, but it’s the decision you make each morning and determines how your day will go. Will it be a GREAT day? Or will you choose to focus on the negative in your life and have a ho-hum day?

The term “shower decision” comes from my Dad. His glass isn’t half full, it’s over-flowing most days! He said when he gets in the shower each morning, he makes the conscious decision to be happy. Is it really that easy? Try it! Say out loud: “I’m going to have a GREAT day!”. If you say it with conviction, you WILL have a great day.

Why is this important? For starters, there are no do-overs in life, so why not have as many great days as possible?? Secondly, when it comes to your health, being happy automatically makes you healthier! You smile more, people want to be around you, and you are more likely to make healthy choices and even sleep better!!  Conversely, being a Grumble Bum only works against you in all these areas.

Still feeling ho-hum after your shower? Have a big cup of coffee, a superb breakfast and strap on your shoes! Hit the trails, hit the gym or hit play on your favourite workout DVD. Move your body and enjoy the natural endorphin high. Life is short. Let’s be healthy AND happy!

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