Spring Clean your Life


spring clean your life

It’s that time of the year!  Time to spring clean and get rid of the all the dust bunnies! Spring cleaning is about starting FRESH and getting rid of the stuff that isn’t serving a purpose anymore.

In my house, that usually results in several bags of clothes and unused household items going to charity and loads of paper getting recycled. But this year, I discovered there was much more that needed to  be cleaned-up and tossed out. I started thinking about all the “stuff” in my life – people, mental clutter and more that I piled on myself.

After I  lost my daughter, I  simply did not have the energy to manage all the stuff in my life and suddenly there seemed to be too much  stuff that was pulling me down.  I craved simplicity and orderliness.

When you zero in on your priorities it really helps you clean up your life. Spend time on the things and people that are important in your life. This allows you more time and space for positive energy and experiences.  Here are some of the areas I encourage you to look at:

  1. Your schedule – If you are like me, you just keep piling it on.  All kinds of things.  Silly things too!  Take a good  look at your schedule and your kids’ schedule and see if there’s any unnecessary stuff that you can unload.  Learn to say no and simplify.
  2. Your spending habits – While I am not a shopper, I have found 7 different kinds of lotion in my bathroom, an abundance of workout tops in my closet and about 8 pairs of runnings shoes! Do I NEED all this stuff?  Nope.  Some got tossed and more importantly, I made a mental note to use up what I have and not buy more.
  3. Your mind – WOW this one is big.  Are you a worrier?  Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?  We are ALL carrying stuff around in our heads that is hindering us, rather than helping us.  Ditch it.  Right now.  If it’s not positive, it’s time to go.  As a once-professional worrier, I can tell you, it accomplishes nothing.
  4. Your house – If you haven’t used something for the past 6 months.  It’s time to go.  Are you saving your skinny jeans from high school?  Guess what – they have more clothes at the store.  If you lose those last pesky 10 pounds, you deserve something new anyway!  In the meantime, someone else can use those things which you aren’t using anymore.  And here’s a little bonus – less stuff means less cleaning!!
  5. Your health – If some of your habits are weighing you down and making you feel sluggish, it’s time to make some changes.  Ditch 1-2 of your worst habits and replace them with habits that make you feel good.  Switch one snack a day from pop/chips/sugar to veggies or fruit. It doesn’t matter where you start, just start!
  6. Your professional life – Focus on balance.  Is there stuff at work that you can hand off?  Is everything you do worthwhile?  Are you seeing returns for your efforts?  Take a good hard look at what you do every day and suggest changes if you see gaps.
  7. Your relationships – Yikes, this is a hard one.  We all have energy-draining people in our lives that  affect our mood and just drag us down.  It’s ok to toss them too. If you are the one making all the effort – simply stop.  That relationship will fizzle all on its own.  if it’s meant to be, then that person will know they have to step up.

Outdated habits, lifestyle choices, unhealthy relationship and mental clutter can be as unhealthy as a moldy cupboard.  Simplify your life by cleaning up the junk.  Make room for the important things and people that are a priority in your life and you will reap the rewards of a more satisfying life.

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