Slow Down – Say Yes to Less

slow down

Do you ever think about running away?  You know, heading off to your quiet cabin in the woods or even going to another country just to escape?

I have and suddenly it struck me why I do this.  It’s my mind’s way of saying “slow down, girl”. We have pressures, timelines and take on more and more every day it seems.  And that’s just at work!  The same goes at home.  We put the kids in more and more activities, agree to all kinds of commitments and decide to throw a renovation in there on top of it all.

We are exhausted and overwhelmed.  We are tired and run-down and we are unhappy. Which is exactly why we want to escape.

So, what if we trimmed off 1/3 of everything in our lives?  It seems like a lot to cut back, but this has been my latest endeavour.  I say yes to less. Less stuff and less stuff to do. I still buy groceries and cook and spend time with my son, because those are priorities but I’m saying no to other pressures. Pressures I put on myself, like having a “white-glove” clean house or cooking a “Martha Stewart” style meal every night of the week.

I buy less and give more.  It feels right.

The point here is that we tend to make ourselves busy and overwhelmed and we just don’t need to do that.  Say yes to less!

But…I’m still booking trip to Costa Rica!

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