One on One Weight Loss Coaching


Let’s face it, not everyone is alike!

Sometimes, you just need the personal touch…and some direction.

What I see most is information overload and confusion.  That’s TOTALLY understandable with all the information swirling around out there!

The best nutrition plan is the one that you can stick with AND has you feeling your best.  What good is a low carb diet that has you in a fog all day? I don’t like to feel that way and I don’t ever want my clients to feel that way either.  I enjoy my food and so should you!


My theory is small changes – ones that you can live with.  For example, way back when when I started on my weight-loss journey, I made 2 small changes.  I started walking every day and I dropped coffee creamer.  Over the summer I lost 10 pounds.  Then I made another small change I could live with and so on….It was baby steps….which led to a 30 pound weight loss that I have sustained for almost 10 years.


My one-on-one coaching package includes:
  • a personalized nutrition plan ($150 value)
  • 3 follow-up meetings ($50 value/week)where we look at:
    • your wins of the week- what went well
    • your challenges
    • what you need to focus on for the upcoming week
    • I will also weigh and measure you at each visit for added accountability
  • support, encouragement and education around common barriers such as stress

I don’t have any magic potions,  promises or guarantees.  Weight loss is a personal journey that requires commitment and dedication.  I encourage clean eating and food preparation. It’s work, BUT I will give you all my tips and tricks that have helped me reach my goals and have helped numerous client reach theirs.

Happy weight loss healthy woman thumb up

Need accountability? Check!
Need an easy plan that will give you more energy? Check!

Then what’s holding you back??


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