Harness your Mindset

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Are you a non-believer?  Research indicates that mindset and self-belief are critical to fitness success, so the question is:  How exactly do you get your mind working for you?

Experts recommend the following:

  1. Find an approach that makes sense to YOU. If you truly believe that you can get results and feel good about doing so, you are much more likely to stick to it and be successful.
  2. Wrap your head around your plan. If you understand the reasons and know HOW to execute your plan, you will be more fully engaged and believe it its ability to get you to your results faster.
  3. Be committed.Set yourself up for success by committing to 30 days of your best effort – no matter what. You will build confidence and self-belief when you start to see results.
  4. See the positives.  Don’t dwell on the challenges, but focus on all the positives on the journey. Focus on how awesome you are going to feel when you eat healthier and the energy that exercise is going to give you….not to mention the prettier complexion and tinier waist!
  5. Let your brain work for you, not against you! Envision what success looks like every day. Picture what you want your body to look like and how incredible you will feel. High-level athletes use this technique before competition and during their training. If you can envision it, you can achieve it!
  6. Consistency. Like everything, being positive and having a successful “Can Do” attitude each day is the secret to living positively and achieving your goals.

Over the past year, I have been working with  clients in the areas of mindset and positive self-talk. The results? Empowered clients with the skills to conquer any challenge and faster results. Pretty powerful stuff 🙂

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