Happiness Strategies

happy flower

Living a healthy life is more than looking great – it’s about feeling great too. Aside form regular exercise and clean eating, there are a few others things we can do to improve our mood.  Science indicates that  our mood has to do with our state of mind or what we choose to focus on. Our focus comes from being grateful for what is going well in our lives and what we have NOW.  Thinking this way becomes a habit just like regular exercise and healthy food choices.

To help us get into the gratitude  habit we should practice being grateful every single day.

 Recognize 3 things that went well today, people in   that you are thankful for or what you  appreciate and why.  People who do this regularly have a greater sense of well-being and get more and better quality sleep.

I began this simple activity a few months ago when a situation at home became very emotionally taxing and all my thoughts we consumed by the negativity of it. While being grateful hasn’t changed the situation, it has helped me focus on the positve in my life and  sleep better.   I do this quietly in my head at night right before I turn out the light. I reflect back on my day and find 3 things that  went well…and you know what?  It makes me happy 🙂

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