Gratitude may be a bitter pill to swallow some days, yet I have found it to be the most powerful.

This morning I went for a walk soon after waking up. There is something about the morning air, the promise of a new day and the sunshine that makes my soul feel good. Some people say that walking alone in peaceful surroundings can be called moving meditation.  My mind drifts and I allow myself to go where my mind wants.

Over the course of the day, I try to find three things to be grateful for. And even on my darkest days I have been able to find three things every day. Sometimes it may just be clean sheets, a roof over my head and food in the fridge…but I find them.

Today this was an easy task. Mother nature has a way of showing us her true splendour and it makes me smile every single time. I know some people consider gophers and rabbits pests, but I love animals and seeing them out and about doing their thing always makes me smile.

About halfway into my walk, I saw three gophers playing in the tall grass. I thought “that will be today’s first item on my gratitude list”. After that I looked up into the sky and noticed the way that the sun’s rays were shooting through the clouds as if they were shining on me. My heart was feeling content, I had found the second thing to be grateful for and I was headed home.

There is a very small wooded area on this pathway that I seldom take and something caught my eye. It was a butterfly that was following me. It would fly ahead, land in my path, then fly ahead again as I got close. It made me smile for several reasons. First – who doesn’t like butterflies? Second, we had just released 20 painted lady butterflies exactly one month ago for my daughter’s would-be 20th birthday. On a whim, I put my finger down on the dirt path and the butterfly stepped right onto my finger. I picked her up and watched her open and close her wings as if sending some kind of code.

I was able to take a picture and later noticed that one of it’s wings was slightly smaller and misshapen. It made me smile when I saw the slight imperfection because Katie had one ear that¬† had the slightest imperfection too.

This interaction with the butterfly made me grateful for the beauty in life and the beauty in our memories.

Life isn’t fair and we all have our share of hurts, injustices and challenges but if we try to find just a little bit of good in this world, we will.

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