Choose your Why, Find your Path

Being lost can be overwhelming. It can make you give up, fall to your knees and stop moving at all. It will happen to all of us from time to time.

Let’s say you have lost direction on your journey to better health. You WANT to lose weight but you’re not. You feel like you are just going through the motions but not getting anywhere.  You may have lots of distraction in your life, lot’s of things that are needing your attention forcing the health goals to a lower rank on your list. Here’s the thing.  The secret is know your WHY, the very reason you WANT to lose weight because identifying WHY you want to do something  will help you find the direction to move in.

In the fitness/health journey I mentioned above, the WHY might be to feel better or to lower your blood pressure. When you make every decision focused on feeling better or lowering your blood pressure, your path becomes pretty clear. Your why is what drives you. It is at the forefront of your thoughts and the reason you keep going. Nothing will stand in your way. Some might call that obsession, but I call it drive.

Let me use a different example. It’s been the biggest soul-searching quest of my life thus far, but once I identified it my life became a lot more clear. When we lost our daughter, Katie, in a car accident  just over 2 years ago, I didn’t know HOW we were going to continue on until I looked at my son. As soon as our eyes met, I knew my WHY. I would survive for him; because I love him as much as I love his sister and he deserves a mom who is plugged in and not lost in her pain.

Since that moment, I have made decisions to pick myself up on the darkest of days, find the help I needed, talk to my counsellor, journal my thoughts and feelings, paint, run and lift to be strong enough to fight the pain, help other people through the lowest points in their lives and otherwise be a good role model for our son, Ryan. Believe me when I say that I could give up the fight. It would be so easy to stop living, literally and figuratively. Enjoying too much wine too often could become a real coping mechanism. Instead, I choose to live for my son as much as I choose to live for my angel’s memory. I live, I laugh when I can and I continue on my path because I have found my why.

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