It’s ok to be ok

While I agree  that it’s ok not to be ok, I think the opposite it true too….MORE…


Gratitude may be a bitter pill to swallow some days, yet I have found it to be the most powerful…..MORE…

Choose your Why, Find your Path

Being lost can seem overwhelming. It can make you give up, fall to your knees and stop moving at all. It will happen to all of us from time to time…MORE…

 A New Year, a New Way

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions years ago.  Why put all that pressure on yourself?  But I have been intrigued by the new trend of choosing a single focus word for the year. A word that sums up what you desire most…MORE…

What are YOU waiting for?


Are you living the life you always dreamed?  If you are – wow! Good for you!! If not, you are not alone….MORE…

Slow Down – Say Yes to Less

slow down

Do you ever think about running away?  You know, heading off to your quiet cabin in the woods or even going to another country just to escape?…MORE…

Stay Strong?  Really?

stay strong

Stay Strong. These are words that I had engraved on the back of my son’s dog-tag. The dog-tag that held his sister’s thumbprint on the front. The thumbprint which was taken after she died…MORE…

Can YouEat TOO Well?


I am eating healthy foods, why am I not losing weight??  This is one of the most common questions I get. And….a very good question. There is a plethora of information out there about healthy food…MORE…

The Mind-Body Connection


I have seen it with my own eyes. The connection between our bodies and our brains is undeniable. Our thoughts affect our physical well being and our physical status affects our mental health. It goes both ways….MORE…

The Science of Meditation

Woman working out doing yoga at the beach

Maybe you are new to the concept of meditation like me. I used to roll my eyes at the very idea. WHAT?? Think about nothing? What’s the point of THAT? Now, I have to admit that I am not that good at meditation and the only way I can successfully meditate is by using guided recordings. But now I am a believer…MORE…

Spring Clean your Life

spring clean your life

Spring cleaning is about starting FRESH and getting rid of the stuff that isn’t serving a purpose anymore.  I’m talking about the unhealthy habits, people and mental junk! Make room for the positive and you will start living a more fulfilled life...MORE…

Spiritual Wellness

What do you think of when you hear the word wellness?  Most of us think about nutrition and exercise. And I would agree. Those are essential components to well-being, but there is more….MORE…

Getting through Life’s Challenges

challenging times

Four short weeks ago, on Dec 8, 2015, my life took an unexpected, horrific turn.  Car accidents happen every day and people lose their lives every day, but you never think it’s going to happen to you.  So, how do we move past challenges? Let me tell you what I have learned….MORE…

Stress & Weight Loss


Stress.  In this day and age, it’s a fact of life.  Even if we eat healthy and exercise daily, chronic stress can prevent us from losing weight and can even cause us to GAIN weight….MORE…

Fight Fatigue with Food

Tired of being tired?  Believe it or not, what and when you eat can play a big role in your energy levels. Here are 4 foods to boost your energy…MORE…

Taking care of YOU!

Fit woman doing stretching exercises outdoors and smiling

We’ve all been there….”I’m SO busy!! I can’t possibly squeeze one more thing into my day! The kids are going in different directions to their activities, my husband is out of town a lot, my job is nuts and then there is the housework….ACKKK!”…MORE...

 Life’s Curveballs

A baseball player pitching with spin on the ball. (motion blur on ball)

Life is constantly throwing us curveballs.  How many times have you started something like an exercise program or diet  only to have a stressful or busy time come up in your life?? MORE…

What’s Eating YOU?

Jeune femme mangeant un gâteau au chocolat

Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly munching on something because it was there? Stress eating impacts more than 50% of the population, says one study.  Another study indicates 75% of us have hunger triggered by emotions….MORE…

Harness you Mindset

Are you a non-believer?  Research indicates that mindset and self-belief are critical to fitness success, so the question is:  How exactly do you get your mind working for you?...MORE…

 Happiness Strategies
happy flower

Living a healthy life is more than looking great – it’s about feeling great too. Aside form regular exercise and clean eating, there are a few others things we can do to improve our mood.…MORE

Gratitude Attitude


Frequently saying thanks can lead to feeling healthier and happier.  Gratitude has been shown to instill feelings of hope, inspiration and foregiveness….MORE…

Superwoman Syndrome


In the effort to have it all many of us are burning out trying to live up to our own and society’s expectations. But there are ways to take off that superhero cape and regain some balance. It begins with saying no to perfection….MORE

The Shower Decision

The what??? It’s been called many names, but it’s the decision you make each morning and determines how your day will go. MORE…

If today was your last day….


This morning before I started my workout, I cued my iPod to start with Nickelback’s “If today was your last day”. It has been my…More

Life is a Challenge


Life is challenging. No matter how well we have planned, life happens. A late meeting can…More

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